When talking about creating a successful Native campaign, it's important to keep 5 simple keys in mind:

  1. Long-form content has more value and a place in every content strategy – good content doesn’t have to be short! Research shows that posts over 2500 words gets much better reactions than shorter posts! Image result for too short didnt read meme
  2. Create interest not interruption – you need to tell a story that the reader can relate to. Instead of interrupting what people are interested in - BE what people are interested in!  Image result for stop boring me gif
  3. Be the expert your readers want you to be - the content mustbe a good read. Your ad should be interesting, truthful and accurate, otherwise you're risking your credibility and ultimately your business. Image result for be the expert gif
  4. You want your content both original and valuable - repeating popular search words to assure Search Engine Optimization may deliver views to your campaign, but it sure won't last long. Only real useful content can turn your readers into buyers.                                     Related image
  5. If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead. Word-of-mouth is your best friend so give people the chance to do your selling instead of you by allowing them to easily share your hard work throughout their social networks. Image result for work easy gif