The Valentine's Tournament

13-20 February

The Tournament players fall in love with every February!

How it works:

Running from Feb 13th (noon) to Feb 20th (midnight), players compete for a place in the top 25 of their VIP segment by wagering on two love-themed games, Heavenly Love & Lucky Cauldron, where their wagers will count for 150%.

At the end of the tournament, the 25 players with the most tournament “Points” per segment receive a prize from a total worth of €41,225



Feb poses some easy questions for super easy prizes - one for Random Act of Kindness Day; one about how many days we’ll have in Feb 2020 (leap year) and the last one is for, believe it or not, Public Sleeping Day, involving optimal nap time.

Players respond really well to these easy chances to win prizes - so be sure to send them over.


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