CASH CRUISE || 6th August

Pack your best bathing costume and join our luxurious Cash Cruise for three mad weeks of toe-dipping, cocktail-sipping, profit-making fun from 6th-27th August!

Players go on playing their favourite games and the Cash Cruise mini-games are issued to them automatically, every time they complete the required wagering (wagering requirement depending on VIP level. View table below)

In each mini-game, players search the cruise ship for collectables and small prizes, choosing one of nine icons to uncover a prize - and they keep on guessing ‘till they find it. In each mini-game, they can either win a small prize or find a collectable character (see collectable characters’ values below). Once they have collected a character 8 times, they get a big bonus prize (no additional wagering required for collection). As usual, prizes can be won more than once.

First mini-game is on the house!


And on our Social side, a bunch of fun and interactive games are waiting for your players on our FB pages - and the cash rewards awaits too!

  • Cash Cruise: As a first-class Cruise Line, we know how to take care of our passengers. This is why we give players the first mini-game for Cash Cruise on the house early in the month; and later we give them a chance to win another free mini-game if they identify which game the ship in the image we give them belongs to.

  • International Cat Day Promo challenge:“Oops! One poor stray kitten lost its way and ended up in the wrong litter. Help us find the lost kitty in this Kitty Wins picture for a chance to win a reward and a whole lot of gratitude.”


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