Snakes and Ladders Promotion.

It’s just the way we ‘roll’ this May and June. Players are going from one success to another with a flood of instant cash, VIP points, bonuses and the chance to win 1000 USD/EUR/GBP a day from May 24th – 15th June. There are three weeks where players move up the board to win jackpots worth 1000 USD/EUR/GBP every single day, so join in and find out that board games are still one of the best ways to have fun. 

Snakes and ladders:  May 24th – 15th June. 

Upcoming:  Mount Treasure 

All players are invited to climb Mount Treasure by collecting VIP points and prizes every time they play for nine demanding days. There are 18 treasure spots to reach on your Mountain map and great cash prizes to be claimed in each one. New Players can win up to 15,000 EUR/USD/GBP in nine days of bonuses, cash prizes and challenges. Check in on your Mountain Map at any point in the promotion to see how far you are from the next prize.  

Mount Treasure: July 6th- July 19th


Social Media

This month on Facebook, it’s all about publicizing the ‘Snakes and ladders” promotion and the UEFA Euro tournament.  For Snakes and Ladders we’ll be running a quiz and asking our players their favorite boards games. With exclusive bonuses and $100’s in raffle prizes, our players have every reason to get enthusiastic about playing at our brands.

Kick off the month-long European championships with our UEFA offers, for the Opening game, qualifiers and finals. There are bonuses and free cash to be had, so get your players into scoring big with our brands.


We invite everyone to join the chat as we promote our upcoming games and promotions through our brands on twitter.