Around The World

5-24 of June

How our players conquer the world one scratch game at a time

Between 5 and 24 June, players receive tickets to a different city around the world every time they’ve accumulated enough points, collecting instant cash bonuses and and conquering the world one scratch card at a time.

Every card wins & first ticket is on us!


How it works:

All players have to do is wager normally ‘till they get a scratch card. 3 identical matching symbols of a given city grant them a ticket to that city with an instant bonus prize (each city has a different value). They can win the same ticket again and again, but the objective is to manage to travel as much as they can around the world and collect the big prizes:


In order to collect the grand ‘Country Prize’, players will have to collect 4 cities in that county (where each city and each country has a different value).


In order to collect the even bigger ‘Continent Prize, they must collect 4 countries in a given continent (so say, Africa will be worth €1500, America €2000, Asia €2500 and Europe €3,000). In order to collect the biggest ‘World Prize’ of 10,000, they’ll need to collect 4 continent.  


Potential max promo win:  up to €23,000!


On the Social Menu:

An easy chance to win a prize is a great way to get your players on board! Pull up your sleeves and get involved in our social media challenges this month:


In celebration of summer, players can post a summer-themed photo in the comments for a chance to win a summery gift! We also have a quirky ‘spot 3 differences’ between the 3 ‘Club Rouge’ images - another super easy chance to win some perks.


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