Collect your boarding pass!

Pack your best bathing costume and join our luxurious Cash Cruise promotion for three exciting weeks of toe-dipping, cocktail-sipping, profit-making fun from 12th August – 2nd September! 

Players simply go on playing their favourite games and the Cash Cruise mini-games are issued to them automatically, every time they complete the required wagering (wagering requirement depending on VIP level; €100 - €400) 

In each mini-game, players search the cruise ship for collectables and small prizes, choosing one of nine icons to uncover a prize - and they keep on guessing ‘till they find a prize. In each mini-game, they can either win a small prize or find a collectable character of a member of the ship crew – captains, barmen, singers, etc (see collectable characters’ values below). Once they have collected a character 8 times, they get a big bonus prize (no additional wagering requirements) of up to €5,000. Prizes can be won more than once. The Cash Cruise Promotion is available on PC and Mobile.

First mini-game is on the house!