The May Tournament

13.05.2020 - 20.05.2020

This straightforward tournament has players competing for the top position in their VIP level, in 4 categories: 1) Entry (non-VIP); 2) Bronze & Silver; 3) Gold & Platinum; 4) Diamond.

The May Tournament ultimately encourages players to compete for their place in the top 25 of their category; incentivizing them to wager as much as possible on their usual games they love, in order to win points, and therefore their share of a total of €41, 225 in cash prizes. 

Participation in the tournament is automatic for all eligible players - that is, those who are registered and have at least one successful deposit in their history.


How it all works

Players compete against each other - within their own VIP category. They do this by wagering normally on one of our sites and accumulating tournament points for their wagers along the way. The top 25 players throughout the tournament in each category receive points according to the amount they wagered (or their respective place in the top 25 of their category) at the end of the tournament.  Of course, the more points they accumulate, the better the cash prizes they could qualify for. Players can check their ranking at any time on the winners’ charts on the May Tournament page via the promotion page.


Max payout/1st place by category: Entry - €1,500; Bronze & Silver - €2, 000; Gold & Platinum – €2,500, and Diamond – €4,000.