Joining the Gambling Affiliate World


Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or are thinking about branching out with your current portfolio, there are some great opportunities available when you partner with NetoPartners. In this article, you will find all the basics you need to know about becoming an online casino affiliate!

What Does It Mean to Be an Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other companies’ products. When someone buys/joins through your affiliate site or link, you get a commission. Find a product or niche, select a platform and get started on promoting. 

In online gambling, an affiliate can often be seen playing a big role in bringing a player and a casino brand together. They push traffic towards casinos and other types of websites, and in return, they are paid a commission fee when someone takes them up on their offer. If you have ever been on someone’s blog and seen a great deal for free spins at a certain casino, the owner of the blog is likely to be in a gambling affiliate program.

It is easier than ever to become an affiliate nowadays. Here at NetoPartners, we have put together a brilliant affiliate program for you to join. With us by your side, you will soon have everything you need to start earning commission through links to top casino sites like Winorama.

Which Products Can You Promote by Being a Gambling Affiliate?

If you choose to join an online gambling affiliate program like the one we offer at NetoPartners, there are several products that you could choose to promote like slots, scratch cards, bingo, sportsbook, poker and lottery. If you aren’t too familiar with the world of casinos yet, we have briefly explained some of the most common products you will find.

The first is slot machines! These are cool games very different from the one-armed bandits you might have seen before, and they come in all different shapes, sizes, and themes. If you can think of a genre or theme, you will probably be able to find it in a slot game! Throw in all the bonus features that you can find, and it makes for a varied game that is always fun to spin. You will typically be offering a welcome deal that gives a player free spins or bonus credit to use on a specific slot.

You could also work with poker sites. While many online casinos have a poker room or too, there are also plenty of big sites that exclusively offer poker. You can find popular Texas Hold’em, something more akin to 5-Card Stud, or even unique games of poker made exclusively for the casino you are an affiliate of! This type of deal will be very similar to a slots game, giving players either free credit to play with or a set number of free buy-ins on a certain game.

Finally, you could also work with sports betting sites. More people than you think like to place a bet on football or on the races, and there are opportunities for many other sports like tennis, basketball, or even eSports. Affiliates can again either offer a limited amount of free credit for new accounts or a certain betting slip.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Gambling Affiliate

There are several pros and cons to becoming a casino affiliate. On the plus side, the casino industry is booming and this is a fantastic window for you to grab a slice of the pie yourself. The online gambling industry is predicted to be worth over $94 billion in 2024 and new sites are popping up constantly. This industry offers some amazing commission rates and the some of the best marketing tools and advertising platforms so you if you apply yourself you can expect high earnings. Here at NetoPartners, our top affiliates are able to make upwards of €300k a month through our programs.

On the cons, it is worth noting that this is not an industry for everyone. You need to do your research and know where to track down links and partnerships for the best results. Without being on the ball, you are going to miss those high commission rates, so you need to be able to dedicate time and energy to get ahead of the competition. There are also many regulated markets with restrictions which are harder to excel in.

What is NetoPartners All About?

NetoPartners are the best of the best! We are the only direct affiliate program with a collection of premium and popular sites that cover all genres, from slots to table games to sports betting. For 10 years, we have been growing our business and sharing our expertise, as a trusted and reputable choice in the affiliate industry. With dedicated support, lucrative plans, on-time payments, top marketing materials and exclusive links, you can be certain that we know how to support you as you grow your affiliate business.

Our standard gambling affiliate program is based on rev-share – so you get a percentage commission based on how often your players return to the casino to keep playing. If your players are dedicated and always returning to the same casino to keep playing and winning, this is going to be just the right deal for you. We can offer commission rates of up to 45% for our top rev-share affiliates!

However, we can also mix up a deal based around the CPA (Cost per Acquisition) or CPL (Cost per Lead) model, which means you get paid for every new player you refer. We could even meet in the middle with a hybrid deal – it is all about what works best for you! Every affiliate is different, and you need to find the program that works best for you. Let us work with you to find what works best.

Why Should You Promote the Different Brands Offered by NetoPartners?

NetoPartners has worked hard to create a library of fantastic partners for you to work with as an online gaming affiliate. Each of our brands has its own vibe and selection of games. From traditional slots to scratch games, to fun tournaments and fantastic customer support and VIP systems pulling everything together, you are going to have so much to promote here. We have done the hard work for you in setting up these relationships, you just need to now set up the affiliate partnerships.

If you are looking for a great way to make money online while advertising the very best of iGaming, you need to come to NetoPartners! Find the right program for you and sign up to one of our programs now!